Neon nights #1 “Ouverture”


Il nuovo evento mensile dedicato alla musica elettronica al Centro Sociale Bruno si chiama neon nights!

Per l’inaugurazione di questa stagione abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi un’artista internazionale, arriva da Bucharest Deysa Djane. In pochi anni è diventata una delle maggiori esponenti della nuova generazione nella scena underground, incantando il pubblico con i suoi sets!!! Con lei ritornano Fifth Key (residents di Aparty), Nicola Belli (Wham!) e non può mancare l’artefice delle notti techno trentine Roby M Rage che testerà il nuovo set per il debutto londinese del 13 ottobre.

Siamo pronti e carichi per dare il via ad una stagione full of love!!!

■ neon nights #1 | Ouverture
| Underground Electronic Music |

■ Line Up
Deysa Djane

Roby M Rage
JOOF Recordings // DSR Digital // Eclipse Recordings

Nicola Belli

Fifth Key
ApartyGospodarsLemon Juice Records
■ Visual Mapping

Deysa Djane
Her story begins in 2009, during her “Friday Fever” show on Radio DEEA, the most popular clubbing radio in Romania,the startpoint of her ascension as a DJ.
After her 2010 mainstage debut, she quickly rose through the ranks and she is now one of the main exponents of the new generation,her presence being greatly appreciated by the underground scene
and its public, while her sets enchant both romanian and foreignears and hearts.
She is the founder of the Underground Romanian Sound.
She shared her love of music in clubs like Studio Martin, Kristal, Space, Zebra (Bacau), La Gazette (Cluj), Arenele Romane and played on the line-ups of Romania’s main festivals such as Peninsula and Electric Castle.She shared the stage with great artists:
Nastia, Jose Maria Ramon, Coyu, Ali Nasser, Hideo Kimura, Herodot, Simina Grigoriu, Sister Bliss (Faithless), Sharam, Boris Brejcha and many more.
In 2011 Vibe FM awarded her a place in the romanian female dj gallery.
Since 2012, she is the host of both “Friday Fever” on HFM Radio (103.4 FM)
and “Girls Go Underground” on 06 AM Ibiza Underground Radio.
She is the dj resident at Molotov Vama Veche.
Her sound is energy, her feel is deep
This is Deysa!

Roby M Rage
Roby M Rage born in Italy, passionate by the electronic music since him youngest age, he made it’s greatest passion, in the late 80’s start mixing in different night club, festivals and radio show.
Roby M Rage was #1 in the ranking of underground dj’s on Trend Discotec in 1999 and he also reviewed artists for the prestigious British magazine “Dj Mag” in the second half of the 90’s.
Reached the Hard Techno chart on Beatport with several tracks & releases and the new EP on Yin Yang Records “Naked Sun” was 2nd in the Beatport Hard Techno Chart in January 2018.
New release soon on JOOF Recordings with a brilliant track with the legend of Trance music John 00 Fleming.

Nicola Bellii
Although too young to take part Nicola Belli lived his childhood and adolescence in the “Rave Era” of the late 90s, the images and sounds remain impressed and infuence the musical path.
In 2001, as many djs began to put the records in small clubs in his city to become a resident dj in the university nights where a little at a time a real underground scene is formed, from there the jump in increasingly important clubs including Le Queen -Paris, Tresor – Berlin, Bora Bora – Ibiza.
His debut as a producer on Viva Music together with Dragosh (we or us) sees the support of artists such as Villalobos, Steve Lawler, Luciano and others.
He currently collaborates with the UK label Dubgestion where he can listen to his latest productions
His DJ set is a journey between timeless House and Techno music.
Fifth Key
The Italian deejay and music producer Federico Ponte aka Fifth Key, made his dream reality and started his musical career in 2009.
Is official producer for Lemon Juice Record and Gospodars
With the dedication and passion to create and produce his own sound (techno, tech-house), made him not only of being able to catch his audience with his unique style, but also made him evolve into a household name in the Venetian part of Italy (Veneto). In 2016 Fifth Key joined force with the „APARTY CREW“ and had the opportunity, of showing his skills to a bigger audience in various well-known underground clubs such as:
Rivolta club (Marghera), Point 13 (Vicenza), Phobic Club (Marghera), Tag Club (Mestre), Hub Club (Padova), Bubble Club (Mestre)Molo 5 (Marghera),Taverna(Legnano Sabbiadoro),pozzengo club(Sicilia)
He also had the chance to share the stage with artists like Boris Brejcha, Sharam, Carlo Ruetz, Fer br, Nu Zau, Deysa Djane

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Open 22.00 – no glass